It goes without saying, really, that the innovative technology used at OBLF was not simply a gift from heaven. Much rather, it is the result of an almost thirty-year process that has accompanied all of the company’s operations and has been and continues to be constantly fed by experience gained from spectrometric practice and theoretical considerations.

To ensure this technological lead can be sustained and further extended in the future, we do not rest on our past laurels at OBLF. In fact, we much rather systematically question what we have already achieved. Whenever we can see that an innovation would benefit our customers, we ensure it is developed into a process fit for series production.

In cases in which new technologies are explored in the field of scientific research, OBLF cooperates with renowned research institutes. Furthermore, we make it our business to find practical solutions for unresolved customer wishes.
In concrete terms that means:

  • OBLF participates in projects that deal with the use of laser excitation in cases that are suited for this in practice as well as with conducting basic scientific research into the topic.
  • In cooperation with our customers, for instance from the steel and aluminium producing industries, we develop new, extended methods on the basis of PDA, e.g. to enable use of characteristic inclusion values.
  • OBLF continuously checks the latest technologies on the market that our spectrometer components already feature or that might be suitable for future use, particularly with regard to the spark generator, optical system and detectors.
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