CAWO is the specialist in X-ray equipment & cassettes, intensifying screens, digital imaging plates, dental imaging plates, secondary radiation grids, ID-cameras, protective accessories and also radiographic & darkroom accessories. 

The Quality Solution

From X-ray cassettes to accessories CAWO always puts the user first.

 CAWO X-ray Cassettes produce sharp images in all general applications as well as in full-spine and lower extremities imaging as well as Mammography.

 Our Screens are suitable for both: x-ray cassettes and conventional film changers.

 Expanding to the digital radiography CAWO also offers high quality Digital Imaging Plates.

 Grids lead to a minimum of scattering light and help to get images of maximum quality.

 With the use of CAWO Accessories during darkroom work and for setting correct exposure

environments results will be as expected.

 CAWO Equipment for analogue or digital applications are simple to use and run like clockwork.

 Our Protection device provide appropriate security for both, staff and patients.


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