FTIR Accessory, IR Polarizer, and Pellet Press Products

Specac manufactures an extensive range of FTIR Accessory, IR Polarizer, and Pellet Press Products for Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy. These products include ATR Accessories, Specular Reflectance Accessories, Diffuse Reflectance Accessories, Liquid Transmission and Gas Transmission Cells, as well as Infrared and Terahertz Wire Grid Polarizers, Bench-Top Hydraulic Presses, KBr Pellet Presses, XRF Pellet Presses, Thin Film Making Kits, and Evacuable Pellet Dies.

 For online optical spectroscopy or FTIR analysis, Specac offers a comprehensive range of NIR Process Cells suitable for liquid and gas/vapour analysis.


  • Specac Pellet Press Products facilitate a broad range of laboratory applications. Products include manual, power, and automatic laboratory hydraulic presses, KBr and XRF pellet presses, sample mills and grinders, evacuable hydraulic pellet press dies, heated platens and film making kits, and sample preparation supplies and consumables.

  • A comprehensive range of FTIR Accessories are available for a variety of infrared spectroscopic sampling techniques. These products include: ATR Accessories, Diffuse Reflectance and Specular Reflectance Accessories, Liquid and Gas Transmission Cells, Infrared Windows, FTIR Sampling Kits, FTIR Consumables, and other spectroscopic accessories for FTIR spectrometers.

  • The Pearl is an innovation for analysing liquid samples with IR spectroscopy.

    This new accessory greatly reduces the time and difficulty of liquid sample analysis.

    Key benefits of this new accessory are:

    Easiest FTIR sampling system available
    Faster and more reliable than traditional liquid cells, saving time and money
    Very accurate and repeatable pathlengths, including the option of wedging to eliminate troublesome fringing
    various pathlengths and window materials, which can be changed in seconds
    Handles viscous materials with ease
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