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The full range of forging lubricants is available from graphited heavy grease for dropforging to oil based lubes for presses and to water based products with or without graphite.

Non-ferrous forging
Special oil and water-based lubricants were developed to cope with the requirements of solid and hollow stamping of brass and its alloys. The oil based products SUMIDERA 205,SUMIDERA 100 and SUMIDERA 33 R work very successful when used with Aluminium stamping and forging.

High quality products were developed for the mandrill and the dies for aluminium and brass extrusion presses. SUMDERA 47 is often used to lubricate the blade that cuts off the residue.


Lead-Pressure Die Casting
 is the leading lubricant for the dies to cast accumulator plates..

Aluminium-, Zamak Pressure Die casting
A range of different release agents is available for the different requirements of the alloys and dies. For the piston you can chose between a graphited and a non-graphited version of Piston oil or grease and water based lube. Many of the leading German pressure die casters apply the piston lube with our lubricatorSUMAL 4002.

Spezial Lubricants
Other lubricants, greases, paste, release fluids, sprays, chain lubricants, copper grease, Aluminium greases, lubes with MoS2, graphite or PTFE and..... you name it.  

Tell us your lubrication problem and we solve it!.

  • Non Contact Oiler

    The Non Contact Oiler SUMAL 9305 was developed specially for oiling the molds for producing roof tiles. The Standard spray width is 400 mm. .
  • Factory Area

    Dry storage for drums, container etc.
  • Factory Area

    Single and doubled walled tanks outside with a total capacity of 300,000 litre (another 150,000 litre will be installed during 2003).
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