VERSA 110 Automated Liquid Handling Workstation

Automation should adapt to you. You shouldn’t have to adapt to your automation. The single channel liquid handler with precise XYZ targeting allows the use of specialized plate types (carousel, collection tubes, cartridges, etc) not compatible with other workstations. Utilizing dual pump pipetting module, the system can handle a broader range of volumes between 30nL to 1000µL. The VERSA 110 ensures that the only differences in your protocol will be increased throughput and precision.

The VERSA 110 can be configured for multiple applications including:

  • Liquid-Liquid Extraction
  • Nucleic Acid Purification
  • Vial Filling
  • qPCR and PCR Set-up
  • Sequencing Reaction Set-up
  • NGS Library Normalization and Pooling
  • Immuno and Biochemical Assays
  • Cell-Based Assays
  • General Liquid Handling – dilution, plate reformatting, aliquoting, cherry picking

Features & Benefits

  • Dynamic Range – From nL to mL with single channel dual pump
  • Bulk dispensing ReagentDrop reduces reagent and tip waste
  • Optional on-deck incubations to preserve reagents and samples
  • Flexible 8-positioned modular deck tailoring to your needs
  • Open System – Keep your protocols, kits and labware
  • Contamination-Free with optional HEPA/UV/LED enclosure
  • Intuitive software pre-programmed with your protocols
  • On-site training and installation


Volume Range 30nL – 1000µL
Precision CV <5% at 1µL
Deck Capacity 8
Pipetting Head 1 Channel
Single Channel Pipetting Function Yes
Accessory Options

ReagentDrop (up to 4)

HEPA/UV Enclosure

Dimensions (W x D x H) 60 x 60 x 45 cm
Weight 35 kg


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